Jewelry Cleaning

To make sure your jewels always sparkle and shine bring your jewelry to us for proper cleaning. It is always our pleasure to inspect your jewelry and give it a professional cleaning at the same time. In most cases we will clean your jewels in our ultrasonic cleaner while you wait. The ultrasound waves and special cleaning solution removes oils and dirt that affect the beauty of your jewelry. We finish with steam cleaning and a final inspection. If there are loose stones, they may come out during this process and it is the customer’s responsibility to have the stones reset. We’ve found it is our best advertisement to have your gemstones to sparkle, silver to shine and gold to gleam.

Jewelry Inspection

Let Rhudy’s inspect your jewelry on a regular basis. We will check for worn or broken prongs, cracks in mountings and loose or chipped gemstones. Regular inspection does not guarantee that a stone will not come out over time, but it can help in preventing expensive gemstone replacements. A professional inspection helps to detect wear and necessary repairs so your pieces will last a lifetime.


Jewelry Repair

With five talented jewelers on site, our in house jewelry repair department offers a variety of services to help ensure your jewelry is always at its best. Our full service jewelry repair includes ring sizing, ring repairs, chain solders, diamond setting, jewelry refinishing, polishing, restoration, rhodium, customizing and designing jewelry, stone replacement, restringing and more. Bring your favorite jewelry to our experts to consult, evaluate and repair your jewelry to as good as new.


With a state of the art engraving machine on site, we can add that personal touch to your special pieces. From simple but meaningful messages inside your wedding band to more detailed custom emblems and text on firearms, we are happy to add engraving your items.

Watch Repair

As an authorized retailer of so many treasured timepieces, you can put your trust in us when it comes to your watch repairs. We have watch technicians in house that are able to perform the simplest movement changes, crystal replacements and limited refinishing options.

Watch Battery Replacement

At Rhudy’s we stock a large variety of watch batteries. In most cases we can replace your battery while you wait. To prevent damage to your watch, worn out or broken batteries should be changed in a timely fashion. Don’t take the chance of trying to replace the battery yourself, let our expert staff take care of your timepiece!

Custom Jewelry Manufacturing

Ever want a one of a kind piece made just for you? Ever wonder what to do with all the unworn or broken jewelry in your jewelry box? We can use your precious metals and stones to create the perfect piece of jewelry custom made just for you. Our experienced design specialist and jewelers will help you design and create whatever your heart desires, the sky is the limit! Come in today to plan the piece of your dreams.


CAD Jewelry Design & Rendering

Begin with your ideas or inspirations, and work with our custom jewelry designer to find the right design. Our on-site CAD designer uses state of the art 3-D computer design software and provides a photo-realistic rendering available for you to view your custom piece before the process is complete. We strive for flexibility with your ideas, as well as technical perfection in every detail of the design. We can also hand fabricate your design when CAD is not the right approach. We are honored to produce several styles of military award rings that are fully customizable to specific military careers.


Appraisals are vital when it comes to insuring and protecting your jewelry investments. Appraisals are done on the premises by Fayetteville Gemological Services. Independent GIA Graduate Gemologist, Fred Zahran with over 30 years of experience, is able to provide an accurate and accredited appraisal for evaluation, valuation and insurance purposes.


Jewelry Restoration

Have an older piece of jewelry that needs a special touch? Let us restore your jewelry to a like new condition! With proper repairs, cleaning, polishing and refinishing your jewels can have the luster they deserve.

Rhodium Plating

Rhudy’s loves to help you maintain the best look of your white gold by performing a necessary maintenance of rhodium. The rhodium plating process gives your jewelry a fabulous white, mirror like finish because it is the most reflective of all metals. It will set your diamonds off because it is so ultra-white. Rhodium is not permanent; it will wear off eventually and will require to be done periodically over time to keep your jewelry up to the standards you expect.

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